Tri-Arc industrial and warehouse ladder review

Tri-Arc Industrial and Warehouse Ladder Review

Steel rolling ladders help individuals securely access high shelves and items. All steel rolling ladders are handy as they are mobile and are equipped with swivel casters so that the ladder fits into small spaces and narrow aisles. The rolling ladders are also geared with safety railings to make it stable for the user.

The steps of these ladders are skid-proofed with slip-resistant coating material and alterations, such as corrugated metal. They are designed for use by one person at a time, yet they are extremely useful for performing heavy duty industrial projects.

OSHA has established definite guidelines for the safe use of all ladders, including steel rolling ladders. It is important to buy a product that follows OSHA guidelines to make all user experiences safe and without injuries. The Tri-Arc KDSR104166 4-Step Steel Rolling Industrial and Warehouse Ladder is a leading model from Tri-Arc's wide range of steel rolling ladders.

It is a leading product when it comes to buying a ladder that fits all industrial and warehouse environments.

All Tri-Arc steel rolling ladders are available with serrated or perforated thread. Users can select from the many models and items available with a multitude of features. Every model blends functionality with style and is built with only high quality materials. Every Tri-Arc ladder is manufactured in the US and in compliance with ANSI A14.7 and OSHA 1910.29 standards.


  • Material: Steel
  • 16” Wide steps
  • ​10” Deep top platform
  • ​Gray powder coated paint finish
  • ​Perforated slip-resistant tread designs
  • Spring-loaded casters
  • ​Style: Perforated Tread
  • ​Size: 4-Step
  • ​Rated Capacity: 450 lb.
  • Ships unassembled
Industrial and warehouse ladder

About The Manufacturer

The manufacturer of this product possess decades of experience. There are several products by Tri-Arc that are successfully performing in leading industries and warehouses. Their team is committed to engineer only the best ladders for professional use.

With a passion to launch durable, safe and robust products, Tri-Arc is committed to improve their products with updated technology. This is why all products from this manufacturer are competitively priced and built with high-quality materials.

This ladder beats other models with its inventive design that provides a safe and comfortable working experience. There are several uses of this model, which makes it an ideal purchase for heavy-duty purposes.

Industrial Uses Of The Tri-Arc KDSR104166

Steel rolling ladders are more commonly used in industrial workplaces and warehouses. The ladders used in industrial settings are built with anti-magnetic, rugged and corrosion resistant materials. Not only are these laders durable but ensure easy cleaning. All rolling ladders come with four or six robust wheels or casters connected at the base.

Two of these have to be of a swivel variety.

Other Uses

These ladders are also sometimes used in libraries and stores where users or workers have to reach higher shelves. Rolling ladders offer easy access to all top shelves and ideal for offices, schools and hospitals apart from large warehouses or industries.

Silver Tri-Arc KDSR104166

Since steel rolling ladders are more used in warehouses or industrial environments, the ladders may encounter oil or other materials that might harm them.

According to OSHA, the ladder steps must be regularly cleaned to get rid of all contaminants especially grease and oil.

It is important to buy a steel rolling ladder that is not easily damaged.

This is why this ladder is one of the top choices for all warehouse and industrial purposes. It can be easily cleaned and is durable.

Steel rolling ladders are ideal for a variety of applications and can be easily stored in confined spaces. This 4-step steel rolling ladder is easy to use and reduces the risk of accidents associated with other models of similar ladders.

Moreover, there are additional features that add value to this product, such as spring-loaded casters, gray powdered coated paint finish and 10” deep top platform.

There are all types and sizes of stepladders in the market and manufacturers claim to build the best steel rolling ladder available. However, this ladder dominates its rivals with its robust build and functional design. However, this model is a handy purchase to serve both purposes.

This is exactly the kind of twin-front ladder you need for multi-tasking. It is designed to withstand two individuals to get more work done in less time. If you need a multi-purpose step ladder that will help you in your DIY projects, this ladder is worth every penny.

What Others Say

This product enjoys good reviews on Amazon. Users feel it is an ideal rolling ladder to place heavy boxes or items since it helps to maintain balance. Although, it’s an industrial level ladder, it is easy to move around and can do just about anything. Buyers who have bought this model praise it for its durable built and inventive design.

It may be a bit difficult to assemble but it serves several functions and is a highly recommended product. It is a great addition to any environment and scenario where you need to reach higher heights. Whether you are buying it for a warehouse or for your DIY home renovation project, it is a valuable purchase.

Buying Advice

The steel rolling ladder maintains a good rating on Amazon. All interested buyers can purchase it for just under $180 with free shipping. It is a highly recommended product for all industrial and general uses.


Tri-Arc’s steel rolling ladders lead the industry as their products boost productivity, ensure safety and are of all sizes to accommodate all needs of warehouses, industries and other institutions. All models of this ladder are equipped with handrails and guardrails. This adds comfort and safety while descending or ascending from the ladder.

The Tri-Arc Steel Rolling Ladder model is manufactured in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards. This is why it is a reliable product worth your money.


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